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The premier consumer education platform for tight curls + natural hair

About Us

The Black Curl Magic Resource Center is an educational platform for naturals that houses two courses, curated by us, Aeleise + Aishia, two licensed curl artists, for you, the natural who wants to make this hair cute and simple. We make it easy to access accurate natural hair care knowledge on cleansing, conditioning, styling, cutting, coloring, and products that is salon tested on hundreds of real life clients across the country and thousands of digital clients around the world.

What Is Our Mission?

The mission of The Black Curl Magic Resource Center is to introduce tight curly + natural hair folks to the fundamental concepts of hair care that are based in professional cosmetology.

Our goal is to turn your long and complicated wash day based on Internet myths into wash hour, a manageable 60-90 minute process that yields predictable results every time.

We translate professional cosmetology theory into easy to understand consumer verbiage while helping you master one signature styling technique. We reframe what it means to have hydrated + moisturized hair based on the real essential elements of your hair. We cover all of the simple things that will get your hair to a place where you can actually have fun with it.

While the Black Curl Magic Resource Center is not a substitute for a stylist/client relationship, we prepare both you and your hair to partner with a qualified tight curl + natural hair professional for healthy care, cutting, and color services in a salon.


Who Is the Black Curl Magic Resource Center Is For?

  1. The natural who is open to simple hair care that makes sense
  2. The natural who isn’t really a hair person but would like to keep it cute and keep it pushing on wash day
  3. The natural who wants to have a solid understanding of hair and how it works for themselves
  4. The natural who wants to partner with a qualified professional but doesn’t quite know where to start

Who Is the Black Curl Magic Resource Center Is Not For?

  1. The natural caught up in the pretty hype of influencer culture. There's definitely some cute happening inside, but we're super functional over here. If we waited to have the perfect camera and sound crew to capture everything while we are working in the salon there would be minimal content and it would cost way more than what the courses are priced at.
  2. The natural who wants to cobble together different tips from disparate sources without a foundation of insight. Tips are great and all but if you're still searching for something are they really working?
  3. The natural who isn’t yet ready to embrace their hair as it grows out of their scalp. We can't make your hair be what it ain’t.
  4. The hairstylist hater. What we teach has worked on thousands of naturals with receipts. You can keep that negativity over there.
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